Soldiers from the game
All Quiet in the Trenches
Take responsibility for a group of soldiers in "All Quiet in the Trenches" as a German corporal in the Great War. Each soldier is a human being with a unique personality and not everyone will follow your orders unconditionally. See to their needs in the camp, get to know them and earn their respect. Lead them into battle in turn-based missions, on the fine line between humanity, the ambitions of your superiors and the survival of your men.
  • We’re all human: Each soldier is an individual with his own thoughts and needs. Treat them well and don’t demand too much, if you want them to follow your orders.
  • War is waiting: Experience and deal with anxiety, friction and personal drama in your company during the long weeks between battles.
  • Live and let live: People die in war. But far more get wounded, captured or flee. In All Quiet in the Trenches, shooting is supposed to suppress and demoralize, actually hitting an enemy may happen, but is not required.
  • In war, everybody loses: You’ll get to know your soldiers on a personal level. Will that influence your judgement? Will you still be able to make the tough calls? And will those though calls be the right decisions?
  • At what cost: Is it a victory, if you lost half of your men to take a few dozen meters of mud and trenches? Is it a defeat if you retreated with everybody unharmed? Your decision, the game won’t judge.
  • The eternal reciprocity of tears: Every decision matters, every decision changes the game. Every game will play out differently. Experience your own stories and share them.
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